Becky Payne, M.A.

Becky Payne, M.A. and Office Manager

Becky Payne, M.A. - Seattle Premier Health Medical Assistant and Office Manager

Education and Certification

Certified Medical Assistant: Eton Technical Institute, Everett, WA 2004

Get to Know Becky Payne

Aside from a five-year stint in San Diego just after high school, Becky has lived in the Seattle area her entire life. She loves this part of the world and the people who live here. In fact, her goal has always been to work with people in some capacity.

Becky had planned to pursue her nursing degree but set that plan aside in 2007 when Dr. Garrison Bliss offered her a position at Qliance, one of the first Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices in the country. With Qliance, Becky saw an opportunity to shape DPC in ways that would ensure higher quality care to people all across the US. Over the course of eight years, Becky set up five clinics for Qliance and managed five of the company’s labs. She was also the Product Manager in charge of delivering a Laboratory Information System designed to support Qliance’s DPC-specific Electronic Medical Records system.

In 2015, Dr. Bliss formed his own, independent DPC practice and invited Becky to join as his Office Manager. She held that position until 2020 when Dr. Bliss retired. She joined Seattle Premier Health that same year with the goal of not only supporting patients, but the clinic as a whole by efficiently managing the administrative operations.

Personal Side of Becky Payne

On the home front, Becky is the proud mother of a four-year-old son and stepmother of husband Todd’s 13-year-old daughter. Together they enjoy gathering with Becky’s family at their cabin in Republic, WA.

Like many Washingtonians, Becky spends as much free time as she can outside, where she particularly loves hiking and paddle boarding. Indoors and out, however, Becky always makes it a priority to nurture her passions for fitness, nutrition and personal growth.

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