Chris Leininger, M.D.

Chris Leininger, M.D.

Chris Leininger, M.D. - Seattle Premier Health

Education and Certification

Medical School: New York University
School of Medicine
Board Certification: Family Medicine

Additional Qualifications

Executive MBA
Former CIO, Swedish Medical Center
Former Director, Swedish Clinical Quality Division
Associate Clinical Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine

Clinical Interests/Special Procedures Performed

Primary Care
Office-based dermatology procedures

Get to Know Dr. Chris Leininger

After graduating from medical school at NYU in the 1970s, Chris Leininger came to Seattle to pursue his studies in family medicine, a new field that offered a fresh take on the old general practice model. He maintained an office in Seattle's North End for 16 years, seeing thousands of adults, children and obstetrical patients and performing a wide range of office procedures.

At a point in his career when most people would be resting on their laurels, Dr. Leininger chose a new direction. He headed back to school, earning an MBA from the University of Washington where he graduated at the top of his class. With his unique combination of medical and business expertise, he was ideally suited to serve as medical director of Swedish's first primary-care group - a practice that grew to more than 60 physicians under his leadership.

He subsequently led Swedish's clinical quality division, and ultimately took on the challenge of serving as the medical center's chief information officer. Throughout his administrative career, he continued to teach in Swedish's Family Medicine residency and keep current with the latest medical developments.

While Dr. Leininger loved helping manage a major community health system, after more than a decade in administration, he found his heart was still in the very personal calling of treating patients. So in 2006, he joined the Swedish Executive Health program as a physician, and in 2008 became one of the physicians of Swedish Premier Health.

Personal Side of Dr. Chris Leininger

Chris Leininger was a talented student and teacher of mathematics and physics before turning to medicine. He recognized that family medicine would afford him the satisfaction and stimulation of providing entire families with their medical, minor surgical, obstetrical and pediatric care.

A musician with a lifelong love of guitar, Dr. Leininger left his rock ‘n' roll days behind and transitioned to jazz, which he actively pursues today. He even took his Martin travel guitar with him to Antarctica. Through his music he has found an additional way to connect with others.

He is a world traveler and intuitive navigator who can find his way around anywhere.
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